Western Kingbird, Deep Hollow - 31 Oct 2009

The handsome WESTERN KINGBIRD continues in Deep Hollow near Montauk (Suffolk Co). Look for the bird around the edges of the horse pasture south of Rt 27. This morning it was flycatching from trees on the slope on the eastern (most distant) side and favored the area right of the very obvious bank of solar panels where there is a new fence (41.0543, -71.8945). The kingbird also ventured out into the open field and used the various fences that run north-south as a vantage point from which to snatch flies from the many fresh dung piles. I should mention that Vicki Bustamante refound this bird during the week, after it was first reported by Michael McBrien (per Shai Mitra) last Monday.

At Montauk Point, decent numbers (600++) of Atlantic Gannets continue with some impressive feeding frenzies, presumably over migrating herring. I noted a lingering CORY'S SHEARWATER with one of the feeding groups. Upwards of 350 Common Eider were scattered around Point and were in fact evident at many spots around the peninsula. A female KING EIDER (most likely the bird I found near here last weekend) was in the surf off Ditch Plains (41.039,-71.9105). An immature GREAT CORMORANT was on the jetties at Montauk Inlet and another was in Fort Pond.

Lastly, Patricia Lindsay and Shai Mitra found a (Richardson's) CACKLING GOOSE on Further Lane between East Hampton and Amagansett (40.9622, -72.1599) and it was still there at the front of the Canada Goose flock when I went past at 1 pm.

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