Manx and Sooty Shearwaters, Montauk Point - 22 May 2009

There were at least 20 SOOTY SHEARWATERS feeding off Montauk Point this evening, together with a single MANX SHEARWATER. At times, the Sooties were reasonably close to shore (binocular range), joining flocks of large gulls moving from one bait school to the next and it was fun to watch then diving under the gulls. Some 200 Atlantic Gannets, several hundred Common and Roseate Terns and at least 4 Laughing Gulls were also part of the throng. Most of the loons seems to have departed (finally) but a few Commons and Red-throats linger. A lone male White-winged Scoter was off the Point and several Orchard Orioles were singing around the Restaurant.

In Napeague, a Glossy Ibis was seen flying over the main marsh and another was feeding in the small pond where Old and New Montauk Highways split.

Lastly, a late night drive around Napeague (12:30-1:30 am) produced 2 (possibly 3) Chuck-will's-widows calling close to the roadside and at least 6 Whip-poor-wills.

Sidenote: Jim Ash found an Iceland Gull at Lazy Point today (per Hugh McGuinness). Hugh heard singing Marsh Wren and Whip-poor-will near Northwest Creek.

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