Blue Grosbeak (Brown Pelican & Black Vulture), Montauk - 5 April 2009

Karen Rubinstein and I went to Montauk Harbor in search of the BROWN PELICAN found earlier in the morning by Jack Passie (see earlier post by Hugh McGuinness) and a BLACK VULTURE seen near Ditch Plains by Vicki Bustamante. Unfortunately, we were unable to relocate either bird. Apparently the pelican gulls were harassing the pelican and it was last seen flying towards the Montauk Inlet. Who knows perhaps it will reappear when some fishing boats return to the dock. On a more positive note we did find the following.

At the entrance to Theodore Roosevelt County Park (Third House) we found a subadult male BLUE GROSBEAK. Otherwise, passerine migrants of any kind seemed extremely scarce. Also in Deep Hollow, the horse pasture on the southside of Rt 27 had 2 PECTORAL SANDPIPERS with killdeer and Black-bellied Plover. A BARN SWALLOW was coarsing over the ranch pond on the northside of the road. We did see at least 3 TURKEY VULTURES soaring over the eastern side of Lake Montauk. Lastly, the 1st cycle KUMLEIN'S ICELAND GULL was still present at the Montuak Inlet. Large numbers of Common Loons continue around Montauk Point, along with good numbers of Black Scoter. Our thanks to Hugh and Vicki for quickly alerting us to the pelican and vulture.

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