19 Jan 2009 - Bald Eagle on Gardiners Island

A few bits and pieces today.

- up to 6 on our feeder in The Springs.
COMMON REDPOLL - 1 briefly on the feeder.
BALD EAGLE - adult at south end of Gardiners Island, visible from Gerard Drive and from Promised Land Road. Sometimes perched on 'no landing' signs or flying around making half-hearted attempts to snatch one of the hundreds of ducks it flushed off the pond at the tip.
ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK - light morph hunting at southern end of Gardiners Is. Probably the bird we saw heading across to Gardiners to Lazy Point on Sat.
CANVASBACK - 5 on Gardiners Bay off Gerard Point.
GREAT HORNED OWL - perched on the top of the trees at the edge of the Walking Dunes.

After looking unsuccessfully for the Western Grebe off Napeague Lane, Atlantic Ave and Mako I ended up at Montauk Pt in the late afternoon. The duck hunters were still there and had clearly pushed the majority of birds quite far out. Anthony's Dovekie was still present below the bluff at Camp Hero swimming widely around in Turtle Cove. A couple of distant razors were the only other birds of note. Gannet numbers seemed down compared to Sunday.

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